Ja'nique J.

Tour Guide at Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks


Class of 2022

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ

Major: Writing and Digital Media

Secondary Major: Political Science

Minor: Spanish

I chose Penn State Berks because...

I wanted a big school, but I also wanted a small learning environment. I always wanted to go to a BIG10 school, but although I lived right next to Rutgers University, I always had my eyes set on Penn State. I did my research on the best commonwealth campuses at Penn State and Berks popped up! When I came for my campus visit I felt all of the love and Penn State Pride from the Lion Ambassadors and that really sealed the deal for me.

My most memorable Berks experience...

The day that I met my friends that I now call my best friends. At the time, we all were assigned to the same residence hall, and we were all just so overwhelmed with all of the new information that we were given as first years, but its fun to look back and see how I had no idea that those same girls would now be my best friends!

My favorite location on campus is...

probably the library! I am a student worker there so I spend a lot of time at the library, but also my friends and I love spending time in there together doing homework, seeing other friends on campus, and making memories with eachother!

Advice I would give to incoming students is...

In high school teachers paint out college to be this big bad wolf, but it truly is the BEST years of your life. You will be fine! You will make friends! Remember to always use your resources, go to campus events, make connections with professors and students, networking is your best friend. But most importantly, let yourself relax and have fun!

I'm passionate about...

Voting Rights Social Justice Advocacy Hanging with Friends This Is Us New York Giants Penn State Football

I'm involved with...

Student Library Assistant Orientation Leaders Lion Ambassadors
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