Arizona S.

Tour Guide at Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks

Class of 2024

Hometown: Jersey Shore, PA

Major: Kinesiology

Concentration: N/A

Secondary Major: N/A

Minor: N/A

My most memorable Berks experience...

My most memorable Berks experience was meeting the entire Lead Team in person for the first time. The 2020-2021 Lead Team worked incredibly hard over Zoom to create one of the most flexible Welcome Weekends for Fall 2021. Moving in early to meet and hang out with everyone before Welcome Weekend was the most exciting and rewarding experience as the whole group gelled immediately. It is definitely a memory I will not forget.

Advice I would give to incoming students is...

The advice I would give to incoming students is to embrace who you truly are here. You are allowed to be different from your past self and grow towards a better you. You do not need to "find yourself" when you consistently strive to become your best self.

My favorite location on campus is...

My favorite location on campus is the Perkins Lawn. There are so many memorable events held there, and seeing fellow students interact with one another is genuinely a great experience. I also enjoy spending time with friends by the fountain or at the tables throughout the day. It is a great spot to "get away" from college responsibilities for a few moments.

I chose Penn State Berks because...

Penn State Berks holds a remarkable Kinesiology program, however, it was initially my second choice. In the fall of my senior year of high school, I took a Lion Ambassador's tour led by Miss Ja'nique Jules. She answered all of my questions, reassured me that the community at Berks was like no other, and helped me (and even my parents!) make Berks feel like another home. She made Berks feel like the right choice. Ever since that tour, she has been one of my biggest supporters and my favorite person to see on campus. Because of her, I am right where I belong.

I'm passionate about...

Cornhole Kayaking and Activities on the Water Paddleboarding Working Out

I'm involved with...

Kinesiology Club Penn State Lion Ambassadors Varsity Softball Welcome Weekend and Berks Benefitting THON
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