Safitaj S.

Tour Guide at Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks


Class of 2022

Hometown: Ephrata, PA

Major: Biology

Concentration: Genetics and Development

Minor: Psychology

My most memorable Berks experience...

… was the one week I spent on campus as an RA for the Engineering Ahead program. As a commuter, I had felt like I didn’t get to fully experience college life, so spending a whole week on campus and re-exploring it from a residential students’ perspective was a very exciting and memorable experience.

Advice I would give to incoming students is...

… to enjoy the newfound independence but keep your focus on what is the most important: earning a degree! It is so easy to get caught up in the first few weeks and not realize that a college education requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance. But don’t get overworked, either: it will all turn out okay, and we are here for you!

I chose Penn State Berks because...

… of all the opportunities it has provided me. The faculty, staff, and leaders of this campus have opened a lot of doors for me, whether it was encouraging me to apply to the Schreyer Honors College, becoming a First-Year Mentor, or doing a service project at a local Retirement Community. The smaller campus size allows for personable interactions between members of this campus, and those interactions make me feel very connected to this campus.

My favorite location on campus is...

… the Luerssen building! It might not be the fanciest or the flashiest, but the Luerssen building and the science department have my heart. As a biology major, I have spent the majority of my time in Luerssen, either doing research, attending lectures, or doing labs, and I feel the most at home there.

I'm passionate about...

Equality in healthcare Medicine Reading! Cooking

I'm involved with...

American Chemical Society Schreyer Honors College Learning Assistant First Year Peer Mentor Learning Center Tutor Orientation Team Penn State Lion Ambassadors
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